Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who is your manager? Personnel Manager or Manager - HR

This is quite interesting topic to discussed about years and finally majority are quite support for the Manager-HR rather than Personnel Manager.

Recently i met a gentleman who is working in a leading advertisement agency having branches all over the world for 35 years. It sounds odd 35 years in a single company, i asked him dont you never ever tried for a new company for the past 35 years, he smiled and said "I tried almost 10 times but my personnel manager never allow the decision to survive for not more than 12 hours"

This is quite interesting recently recession flattening the corporates across the world, more employees are kicked out of the job in the name of cost cutting. The employees got the resignation letters from the Manager-HR.

After i met the gentle man the eagerness caught me to search the real meaning and difference between the personnel manager and the Manager - HR. The reason the personnel department change the name into Human Resources Management because of the following reasons:

1.Personnel manager plans for Expandable or replaceable of the Employees but
HR Manager treat the employees as assets.
2.Personnel manager only negotiates but
HR Manager facilitates
3.Personnel Manager follows the targers but
HR Manager train them and bring out the results.

Let see the first point

Recently most of the employees kicked out of the company, if they really treat the employees as asset what is the necessity of kicked them out.

HRP(Human Resources Planning) is a strategic process of forecasting the future demand for and supply to the right time in the right manner for accomplish the organization objectives. If the HRP not done properly who is the person to kicked out the forecaster or the employees.


If you are in the firing of employees, first blame the Personnel Policy,Procedures not blame the performance of the employees. Nothing wrong in the name of Personnel Manager or Manager-HR, it about the policy formation and control.

You wont find the dust in the graphs, first wash it up then only you can eat a clean and dust free graphs. The employees are also like graphs first make them realize how important they are in the organization.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Experience V/s Performance

Experience V/s Performance

It was a small dance group who regularly doing their shows in the platforms on the various busy and crowded areas. Some times later the head of the group exhausted and want the dance group to be performed in the stages of the big auditorium. And really want the dance group into a well organized stage dance group, on the same evening he asked all the members in the group to be assemble in his house to discuss about the future plans and particularly want to express his desire to the group.

Everybody assembled in his house and the head of the group announced his desire of stage dance group. All the group members are shouted with joy and some of the members are voluntarily come before of the head and pledge for the hard work and some of the members are excited about their future of performing in the huge auditorium full of people. Then they discuss about the plans there are pouring of information, finally the head have the confidence of inject some of there savings for the benefit of the group, like booking of auditorium and employing other staffs for tickets, advertisement in the papers etc.,

First day in the stage the dance group performing very very perfect, the crowd in the auditorium are really enjoyed the show without blinking their eyes. The years are running the dancing group achieved some great targets, the head got reasonable money for him as well as for their dancing group. Simultaneously the dancers are became old and old as well as there are huge numbers of dance groups are emerged in and around there town.

The crowd in the auditorium are reducing day by day, the head of the dance group starts worrying about the performance of the dancers as well as the collections. So, he wants to include some young dancers in his dance group, the old dancers are become soo happy to welcome the youngsters in the group.

Once again the crowd and collection get increase in the following days. Now time for remuneration the head of the group do not want to include himself in the administration part of the group so, he appoint one of the old dancer to handle the salary administration part. Initially the old dancers and younger dancers are really coordinated and become very jovial with one another and as well as the old members are very rarely performing in the group. The younger dancers rocks the dance floor and gaining the experience.

Now the day comes to decide the remuneration of the younger dancers in the group. The administrator have to decide the remuneration part for the dancers, as he was one of the old dancers and administrator of the whole dance group. The administrator shares a big part for the old dancers and a small part for the younger dancers, this creates grievances to all young dancers but it was not resolved in perfect time.

In the mean time of the younger dancer who rises the query to the administrator, the administrator logically answers that "Old dancers have more experience but you people do not have the experience so, i want the old dancers are the right persons to get a huge remuneration comparatively to you the younger dancers"

The younger dancer do not want to perform for the peanuts, one by one they quit the dance company and joined with the other competitive dance groups in the towns. Sometimes after the dance group dont have any younger dancers but the auditorium always rush. For the sake of the crowd the old dancers are performing in before of the crowd but the people as audience do not like the performance because of the out dated dance steps and grace. Finally someday later the auditorium seats are became soo empty and the dance group cant even pay the rent for the auditorium finally they closed down the dance company.


Every company have the vision and objective, the founder looking out for the benefit of the company through capturing orders from the clients. The administrator plays a vital role to manage the relationship between the employer and the employee.

The administrator can clearly weighted the performers and posted the experienced in the appropriate place if any thing goes wrong in between this, the founders dream always a dream.